Billy Fung


My projects

Below is an incomplete list of projects I have worked on.

  1. Podcast hosting website, along with original content

    • built with Django, AWS S3 storage, hosted on Heroku
    • features Jin and I chatting about random tech stuff, along with some non-tech thrown in
  2. Coffee information website

    • built with Flask, hosted with Google Cloud
    • mainly built because of the .coffee tld
    • grabs information about available coffees for sale from roasters
  3. Github OAuth app in Node.js

    • built this as an exercise to write a tutorial for Node.js
    • Node.js Express framework, hosted on Heroku
  4. Bicycle turn signal light system

    • automated turn signal light system, built for UBC Mech 423 project
    • built with MSP430 with circular buffer in C
    • uses 3 axis accelerometer along with speed to “predict” movement
    • uses Hall sensor to turn on brake lights